Little Tips of Life :)

Whatever self expression square this is… Here are some tidbits which have been going through my mind lately:

  • Sweet Potato Fries are the bomb
  • Skippy Natural Peanut Butter is great to use for Peanut Butter Cookies even though I believe it contains more sugar grams than natural peanut butter.  It doesn’t separate like natural peanut butter when cooking, but it contains no Trans Fats, which JIF does (check for partially hydrogenated oils on the ingredients list… If it doesn’t have it listed, it usually means it is Trans Fats free.  I’m not a Registered Dietitian, which is the “gold-standard” for nutrition advice, but I did become an A.C.E Health Coach as of this year.)
  • My own health struggles have shown me how Jesus is greater than anything, and I’m so so glad He is stronger than my will.  Love and relationships are super fun to talk about, but I’m glad Jesus left out some eggheads.  The Lord first and foremost (followed by my struggles) have shown me and will continue to show me what kind of person I could be compatible with in the future.  It is also reassuring that I do not have to “Keep Up with the Jones,” or however that saying goes.  This is such a sweet time of my life.  It’s grace that I get to redefine my life again; it almost brings me to tears.
  • Continuing with the cooking theme: Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt can be used in place of cream in a lot of recipes.  However, it separated when we tried to make a chicken dish this Sunday.  We will try to add it when it is room temperature next time.  Similacr to how many Pinterest crafts and recipes go, many people say it works, but for some reason they don’t always!
  • I am very thankful for the great friends and family members throughout my life.  Each person contributed something.  For some reason the lyrics, “You give and take away,” come into my head.

About kerrigands

Aspiring health professional who loves Spanish, art & running. I <3 Jesus, too.
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