Body Dysmorder

Awhile back I was marathon training.  And by training I mean just running/surviving in the Delaware humidity/summer before my running companions came back to campus.  One day, I was running along and out of nowhere some guys yelled, “Look at those things go!”.. referring to some lady parts.  I was mortified.  In the past, I was a competitive distance runner who collegiate running on the Division 1 level wasn’t for.  I started to run for me, and got through marathon training by the grace of God and was able to pray with my dear friend at mile 22.  If that was all it was for, it was worth it.  It was worth summer surviving to have fall weather and my friends back on campus.  It was worth having my dad run along side us at the end of the last 6 mile death march.  It usually is worth it in the end.  However, reaching goals can sometimes be challenging.  It is challenging to go into a gym 20-30 pounds heavier from a medicine reaction, have 2/3 of your workout clothes lost in a move, and it took motivation to even walk in.  It’s challenging when you’re doing everything you should be doing and your body still looks like you’re “almost chubby.”  Sometimes, you get the flu and reach a goal weight early.  You are satisfied with your weight, then God has other plans.  Maybe you can’t salsa as good as you want to, but when we start making Him our priority and becoming healthy, not necessarily skinny, I believe God is glorified.


About kerrigands

Aspiring health professional who loves Spanish, art & running. I <3 Jesus, too.
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