Seek first His Kingdom :).

Wow, Excellence. Pense de cosas excelentes. Lord: help me stay the straight and narrow. Keep refining me and as Bayside’s message last night stated, “Give me the dream and the team.”

Thank you for your grace, provisions, knowing me better than I know myself. Help keep me humble, refining through the many, many checks you have made me away through my mentor, best girl pal, and church community.

I am so blessed with the companions, area around my living condition, and even by the rattlesnakes near by.

Everything is a constant reminder of you. Of your promises. Of your truth. Thank you more than you could (well I guess you know) ever know. Please, help me to be a woman of integrity, to live out the 5 ways of Jesus in this week’s sermon this week, to forgive those who pick apart my every body part in the gym, to live by faith and not fear, to obey my earthly master’s even when I don’t feel like it (and help me to pray for and honor ALL my leaders). I know you have ordained this task before me. I forget that this is my most excellent calling. I had a dream, a yearning to help the Hispanic population. You knew me before I was in my mother’s womb, you knit me together and dreamed me up before I knew it.

Dame gracia senor para vivir por Usted. Ponme en la manzana de su ojo y ayudame a vivir juntos con mi equipo de Usted y vivir con alegria por su voluntad y por su poder. Perdonanos de nuestros pecados y limpia nuestras corazones por Su gloria. Ayuda la gente de Folsom y Roseville, y los hombres en las iglesias estar hombres de bien valor que buscan para Su voluntad y guiar a sus familias respectivas. Gracias para siempre. Y Su Precioso nombre, Amen.


About kerrigands

Aspiring health professional who loves Spanish, art & running. I <3 Jesus, too.
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