Uber Blessings! :)

Hi, ya’ll! :). Reporting LIVE from Cali. 3 hours behind you East Coasters.

Last night I heard Francis Chan speak at Bayside’s 4:15pm Saturday service. That is super bueno for my new grandma sleeping tendencies. Francis talked about Discipleship and how people take the verse “God will always be with you” and don’t always associate the context of it… “God will always be with you when you go out and make disciples.” Through His grace, I somehow landed in Cali. I am weak, He is strong, and Francis shared that the most amazing blessings have happened during 2012 when He lead pastoring fulltime and pursued missions in the inner city of San Francisco. Francis is one of the most real, gifted speakers I have ever heard. It apparently comes as natural to him as it looks, too. However, he shared that confrontation and speaking to others who don’t believe like he does really makes him uncomfortable. God was able to use his weakness though and share that it’s not about Francis, but about Our Lord almighty.

So, I step out in TOTAL WEAKNESS and know that my life is supposed to glorify God and not myself.

Uber blessing examples: When I moved to Florida for a semester, when I needed to cook healthy like Jesus called me to, and now when I am in Cali, with a new array of produce, a budget and a desire to cook in my freetime, the LORD AND HIM ONLY makes it possible. A small “tip of the Iceberg” example: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/4-whey-wonders-secret-behind-protein-muffins-and-pancakes.html. I had 1 banana left. (I am really holding onto and cherishing what food I am able to buy!) I prayed for a recipe that could use this banana with essentials I already had in my house. (Also, I like to cook “brinner” once a week… usually a leg workout day!).


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Aspiring health professional who loves Spanish, art & running. I <3 Jesus, too.
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