Healing for Health


How could I think brownies and ice cream temporarily are better than the King of Kings? My health struggles have been symbolic of something bigger.

The real deal: I need to trust in God’s promises, which are true, over the world’s promises, which “continually overpromise and underdeliver.”

Chocolate in excess is not better than the peace that surpasses understanding. How do I continue to believe God’s promises over the lies of the enemy? “Be rooted in the vine.”  Isn’t it my mission to be fruitful for Him?  Apart from Him, apart from the vine, I cannot do it.

Staying in the Word, continuing to “die to myself daily,” doesn’t always come easy. It can be difficult to be in the Word, pray, listen to Him and not the devil.  Making God 1st often times gets pushed aside, like many other things God has told me to do instead of Facebook, criticism, etc; it’s so much easier to react out of anger to things, to react in fear, than to die to myself and believe THE TRUTH.

I came across the “b90x plan,” or reading 12 chapters of the Bible each day to finish the Bible in 90 days. At 11:00pm or so last night (and after eating Bruster’s Ice Cream and hot brownies, which I DEFINITELY did not need… it seemed okay at first, but like unchecked sin, it eventually catches up 12-24 hours later during digestion, when I try to sit in peace, or when I need energy for a workout), I came into the New Testament after 1156 pages of the Old Testament and was reminded that there is A Solution to my continuing faults:



About kerrigands

Aspiring health professional who loves Spanish, art & running. I <3 Jesus, too.
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One Response to Healing for Health

  1. Z says:

    I was reading in Colossians the other day that Jesus nailed our sins to the cross. Your brownie and ice cream eating has been nailed to the cross. Thank you, Jesus. 🙂

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