Castle on a Rock

Mama Smith’s Turkey Burgers: Package of Extra-Lean Ground Turkey; 2/3 can black beans rinsed & drained; red bell pepper gutted & de-strained; 1/4 onion; 1 small, shredded zucchini; course-ground pepper & olive oil to-your-liking.

Hoping one day I have something on a rock, whether it be a castle or a shack.

I’m beginning to see the importance of my parents to choose a medium-sized house that feels more like home and was what the Lord wanted; it really was just right.  I also will seek to maintain blue/green/natural colors that our house is currently rocking as well. God made blue and green readily-apparent in nature for a reason- they are the most relaxing colors!

I have such an assortment of pictures from the last years, but to de-cludder my room project I will be sending them to scrapbooks (especially if I’ll be off my feet for 6 weeks!).

Just wanted to say how super blessed I am. So, whatever house I plan to make into a home, I pray it’s on GOD’S ROCK…

“Better to have a shack on a rock than a castle in the sand.” De verdad. 🙂


About kerrigands

Aspiring health professional who loves Spanish, art & running. I <3 Jesus, too.
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3 Responses to Castle on a Rock

  1. z says:

    Yeah, the foundation is the most important part! I have been enjoying the blog posts. 🙂

  2. sarahjunebug says:

    Mmm… yum. I might have to try those! 🙂
    I love cozy nooks… and cleanliness and simplicity… it doesn’t really make sense. I don’t need a lot of space but I like to collect tid-bits which doesn’t go at all with the simplicity and small-spaces concept. Hmmm.
    Why off of your feet for 6 weeks? Me too, for the most part. 😦 Stress fracture, booooo!

  3. kerrigands says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Bunion surgery, perhaps! It has been the cause to a lot of my running-woes. 😦 and BOO on your stress fracture. 😦 Praying!

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