Grace of God

One word that keeps sticking out to me right now is grace.  The grace of God.  When I look back at Jesus, I know He always sees me, but I feel like He is in my future now more than ever.  He has gotten me this far.  Sometimes I have no idea what will come, but I know that there is strength in weakness.  He died so we could be made new.  Every complete facet of our lives. 

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Strength in Weakness

I’m convicted to keep writing even though I haven’t reach that “ah ha” moment or revelation.  This is being written in the messy bit.  The questions. The doubts.  The fears, but The Bible states that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.  Wow, I am SO reliant on God.  For food.  For clothing.  For things coming full circle.  I question but He is the creator of the universe.

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Abundant Blessings :)

The hum of the dishwasher.  The bunny right next to me.  An open door.  Five Seconds of Summer.  Freckles.  Greenery.  New Beginnings.  The heart of Jesus in the inner city.  Transportation.  Continuous breaths.  Driving with the windows down.  Consistency.  Reliability.  How God turns things full circle.  Beauty in friendships.  Tulips.

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Spoken For

I have just finished Robin Jones Dunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke’s book, “Spoken For.”  This was a great reminder of who I am and whose I am.  While I love Disney movies and “chick flicks,”  I am first and foremost Christ’s.  I am spoken for.  However, a girl can dream, but it’s super important to give those desires to God.  I took up a part-time/on-call job that is in the works now, and I’m continuing to study for the CHES exam.  Yesterday, I applied to a full-time job in the area; it encompasses my passion which I discovered at the end of grad school. 

It can be hard to trust the Lord is ultimately working for both my good and His good in the valley, but through Him I can pray, stay in the Word, converse with other believers and grow in grace of who He is and who I am meant to be in Him.  So many desires, so much refinement, but only through Him is it possible.  There is no other way. By His power, for His glory.  

Someone recommended this sugar-free, gluten-free muffin recipe.   It is the

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Easter and things :)

Currently, I am studying for the CHES exam (Certified Health Education Specialist).  I am also working towards getting a part-time job in my field or even a full-time position if it was the right one.  It sometimes is daunting to to think that the Lord could provide the perfect opportunity right here in my area, but the first day I applied and studied kept me busy right up until the end applying!   I was so grateful the Lord gave me a phone interview in the afternoon after just applying that same morning.  While the jobs aren’t as plentiful today, I am busy studying and getting ideas for a future career or job.  He provides the steps.  I just need to trust Him in the journey.

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Praying for Urban Environments

I am just now realizing the crazy ways God answers some of my prayers.  Over Christmas, I purchased Lecrae’s “Church Clothes 2” mixtape and pray danced as a way to identify more and pray better for the needs of those in the city.  However, I never dreamed the ways God would allow me to be a part of city ministry as He did this past couple of months.  He is truly at work.  He truly has my back.  He truly knows that true joy is found in serving others.  Never in a million years did I think He would answer my call in this way AND help me as well.  Father, hats off to you. 

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Little Tips of Life :)

Whatever self expression square this is… Here are some tidbits which have been going through my mind lately:

  • Sweet Potato Fries are the bomb
  • Skippy Natural Peanut Butter is great to use for Peanut Butter Cookies even though I believe it contains more sugar grams than natural peanut butter.  It doesn’t separate like natural peanut butter when cooking, but it contains no Trans Fats, which JIF does (check for partially hydrogenated oils on the ingredients list… If it doesn’t have it listed, it usually means it is Trans Fats free.  I’m not a Registered Dietitian, which is the “gold-standard” for nutrition advice, but I did become an A.C.E Health Coach as of this year.)
  • My own health struggles have shown me how Jesus is greater than anything, and I’m so so glad He is stronger than my will.  Love and relationships are super fun to talk about, but I’m glad Jesus left out some eggheads.  The Lord first and foremost (followed by my struggles) have shown me and will continue to show me what kind of person I could be compatible with in the future.  It is also reassuring that I do not have to “Keep Up with the Jones,” or however that saying goes.  This is such a sweet time of my life.  It’s grace that I get to redefine my life again; it almost brings me to tears.
  • Continuing with the cooking theme: Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt can be used in place of cream in a lot of recipes.  However, it separated when we tried to make a chicken dish this Sunday.  We will try to add it when it is room temperature next time.  Similacr to how many Pinterest crafts and recipes go, many people say it works, but for some reason they don’t always!
  • I am very thankful for the great friends and family members throughout my life.  Each person contributed something.  For some reason the lyrics, “You give and take away,” come into my head.
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